Jo Lunn
We Help Ourselves (WHOS)

Jo Lunn is a registered psychologist who has been working in the Alcohol and Other Drug treatment (AOD) for over 20 years. Ms Lunn has worked in and consulted for a numerous treatment agencies.  Providing both direct service delivery with clients and designing and implementing organisational service delivery change primarily for clients with co-existing AOD and complex needs.  Ms Lunn is a qualified trainer who has developed, implemented and evaluated specialized training programs for various organizations in the non-government and government sectors.
Ms Lunn’s current position is with We Help Ourselves (WHOS) as the Service Delivery and Innovation Manager. Ms Lunn currently holds Co-chair positions for both the Agency of Clinical Innovation Drug and Alcohol Network (NSW Health) and the Practice Leadership Group (NADA), the focus of both groups being to foster and develop innovative, client centred treatment for people with AOD issues.

Plenary Presentation: Here’s a thought-what about considering the impact of cognitive impairment as an important factor in AOD treatment.

Workshop Presentation: 
Cognitive impairment in AOD treatment, what’s all the fuss?