It’s a very exciting time to be working in the alcohol, tobacco and other drug sector.

At no other time has there been the same level of appetite for the inclusion of the lived experience voice, progress in contemporary programs and services, or interest in exploring health-based drug policy and legislative reforms.

The alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sector is carving out its niche as the place to be for those wanting to work in a health field that is not only rewarding but offers people to be involved in work that is responsive and ground-breaking.

Underpinning this evolution is a sector filled with highly qualified and motivated professionals who are leading this work.

The 2023 ATDC Conference theme is all about these individuals and harnessing their collective potential: Our Strength Our People.

This conference will shine a light on those leading, working in, and alongside our sector. With a focus on advocacy, knowledge, and connections – what do these words mean for you and your work?  We want to hear from people driving change in policy or issues of importance. We would love to hear about programs and services that are creating new understanding and practice.  In doing so, we want to celebrate the strength of our sector and the networks, which make us unique and anything but a stereotype.

The Our Strength Our People conference program will be streamed by the three key themes of Advocacy – Knowledge – Connections. Alongside keynote presentations there will also be concurrent sessions and workshops held to provide delegates with sufficient choice to enjoy a varied and stimulating conference program.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Alison Lai
Chief Executive Officer

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