Whilst the ATDC Conference is a number of weeks away, in response to the increasing precautions that are being undertaken in response to COVID-19, the ATDC has made the decision to postpone the 2020 Conference, scheduled for 25/26 May.

We have come to this decision due to the anticipated time that it will take for the virus to run its course, which is anticipated to take up to three months, and the potential of some limitations being placed on public events and gatherings, should the spread of the virus amp up.

Making a call to postpone too much further down the track would result in significant financial loss, which ATDC is not able to risk.

We remain committed to ensuring that the conference is held in 2020 and the proposed new dates for the 2020 ATDC Conference are 7 – 8 September 2020.

More details will be available soon – please stay tuned.